Thursday, September 10, 2009

Stroller rides

Halie loves to play mom. This stroller is the stroller for her dolls. One day she kept asking me is she could push Hunter in her stroller. I said no a million times. Finally I gave in. Hunter loved it, not to mention Halie was in heaven. He is such a tank he was almost to big. She said he is way heavier than my dolls. She could barely turn him. It was pretty funny to watch.
What a cutie pie.

Mr. Potato Head

Costco has this pack of Mr. Potato heads. It came with two big and two small potatoes. I didn't think Halie would be able to build them. She had never played with them before. When we got home she asked if she could play with them. I opened the potato and she dumped them out. About 15 minutes later this is what she had built all by her self. She told me she made out family. I thought it was so cute.
She was so proud of herself.
Now it is a game to build ourselves. Of course Halie always get the big faces while Brett and I get the tiny ones. She has loved this toy set. I am so glad he got it for her.

Jumping Jacks

Anytime Halie goes potty like a big girl we take her to Jumping Jacks. I know it is a bribe, but I am running out of ideas for potty training. Halie and her friend Shelby love this place. They are so cute together. This is the first time Halie has gotten on the big dragon. She is always scared of it.
Hunter had a blast. OK he was a a little nervous. He has very sensitive ears, and it is a bit noisy in there. Plus Halie had just bounced right next to him. He did not know what to think.

Yes that is Brett on the merry-go-round. He thinks he is still a little kid. I was just waiting for the worker to come and say your to big for the ride.


A few weeks ago we went to the Washington County fair. My friend Amanda's sister gave her a bunch of tickets, and she was very nice to share with Halie. Cache and Halie rode tons of rides. They loved the motorcycles, and flying saucers. Halie's favorite ride was the jeeps. A true child from Brett. That was really the only ride she kept asking to ride over and over.
Look at my big girl.


Since Brett's parents condo has a pool we go swimming all the time. I guess Hunter was just done swimming for week. He was in the water for about 10 minutes and then he got fussy. We walked him in the stroller for a few, and he fell asleep. I just thought this was so precious.
How would it be? I don' t know I am always chasing Halie, or walking Hunter it feels like.
Halie thinks she is such a big girl. I was going to get in this floaty. By the time I passed Hunter to Brett and turned around Halie was in it. For the rest of the time we were there she stayed in it. She wouldn't even let me get in with her. What a stink bug. I love how her feet are crossed.

Seep, sleep, sleep

Hunter seems to sleep all the time. Which is nice, but Halie never sleeps in the day. Sometimes I would love to take a nap too. I woke up a few mornings ago and found Hunter like this. I have noticed lately he loves to have his face covered. It scares me a little. If he is tired he just puts his blanket over his face and falls asleep. He has two blankets he just loves. One goes in the car and if he gets fussy we give him the blanket and he puts it in him mouth and then he is fine. I know it sounds weird, but it works. The other is the one in the picture. He has to sleep with this one. Then when his blankets aren't around he borrows Halie's silk and mink one. He loves the silky side. Halie will go to grab it from him and it is soaking wet from his slobbers. Halie will not let anyone use her blanket, except Hunter.

I think he is showing us his man muscles.
Yes he still sucks his thumb. I always fought Halie with this when she was a baby. Now I just let him. I think for my own sanity. I also think it is a little cute. He only does it when he is falling sleep, or when he is starving.
Another, look at me I am stud shot.

7 Peaks

About a month ago, or longer. We went to 7 Peaks. It had to have been the coldest day of the year to go. It was freezing. Brett had to stay back in St. George to work, in the nice hot weather. It was fun I just wish it would have been warmer.

This was how I kept Hunter warm. He actually slept almost the whole time.
My mom and Halie bug. Halie was freezing at this point.

My dad and Halie bug. As you can see she is almost asleep. Prior to 7 peaks Halie had spent the week at her camping grandpa's and grandma Lisa's house. She had so much fun. It was the first time she has been away from us besides the night Hunter was born. Now she always asks when do I get to go on vacation again?

After 7 peaks we went to to my grandma's house (nanny Bart's), and had dinner. Halie loves wagons right now. She found nanny Bart's and wouldn't get out.

I put Hunter in the wagon with her and she thought she was in heaven. Halie loves Hunter more than anything. He digs her right back. She can make him laugh so hard. If she is not around he is looking for her. Most of the time she is good about sharing her toys, but there is the occasional that's my toy.